With one synth (a Novation Bass Station Keyboard) and one drum machine (a Roland MC-303) and a couple guitars to serve the need to create cool sounds (and then record them & share them with the world) PA was born in 1997. Originally called "Persephone's Audionica" for the audion tube and all the "ica" words floating out there at the time. :) The first song recorded was Dorje Oscillator's "Sex Life" using a TB-303 a TR-606 and a small Roland sampler. Also in 1997, Sh!ny (originally Nag Champa) was formed with LDX to capture the magic sounds of melting oscillators onto harddrives. In 1998,an old EmaxII sampler was added to the pile of randomly assembled hardware and the person who sold me the sampler was Steve. At the time Steve was teaching the wisdom of Fluke, so Steve and I jammed some sounds (8088's "Living Room Groove" was the first track.), and Children Of The Night came into being after recording "I'm Dead".

1999 was a pretty busy year and "Revisit" was formed. In late 1999 Revisit crept it's way into the top 3 electronic downloads on mp3.com (r.i.p.) for 4 weeks with "Aim The Radar." In 2000 the name was changed to "P.A. Studios". In 2002, LAN came into being with the song "Try Me" and just as quickly, the energy faded. From 2005 to 2010, many changes were made and un-made and made again with hardware and software, and finally having found the correct set of modern gear, a clear focus came into view and now there are more great sounds being created! In 2015, PA Studios was renamed to SonicF Recordings.

In 2016, SonicF (the artist), released new tracks to soundcloud.